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BlockTower Capital is an institutional investment management firm focused on crypto and blockchain technology. We apply professional trading, investing, risk and portfolio management to this emerging digital asset class. Crypto assets represent disruptive early stage technology, liquid public markets, and new uses cases and business models. We are a team of investors, traders, engineers, data scientists, operators, and risk managers focused on stewarding capital to capture the full crypto and blockchain opportunity set, and on helping to responsibly develop this important new industry.
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Investment Strategy

Venture Capital, Tactical Trading

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Our Performance Goal
We are building a firm with long term, sustainable advantages that can translate into persistent returns for investors

Investment Opportunity

What We Believe
We take advantage of the full crypto and blockchain opportunity set with strategies and a structure designed to capture returns across market regimes.

Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Proprietary Database, Active Trading Strategies, Uncorrelated Strategies
Implementation of Strategy
Tactical Approach

Market Sector Exposure

Cryptocurrency Market

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Risk Management

Diversification, Position Limits, Dynamic Position Sizing, Third Party Custody, Cold Storage, Multiple Backups
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Legal Structure

Limited Parnership


United States

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Service Providers


Mazars Group


Cohen & Company


Sidley Austin, Harney Westwood & Riegels


Anchorage Hold LLC