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The Lake Geneva Fund is a long-biased alternative investment fund focused on identifying strategic companies and disruptive innovators, primarily in the small and mid-cap growth space, that are also deemed strategic to larger industry players. Lake Geneva's principals utilize their venture capital and corporate strategy experience to capitalize on the consolidation cycle in a slower growth economy by employing long term investment theses. The investment team employs a private equity approach to public markets using duration of time as an advantage over investors with shorter-term horizons. The Fund is exposed to public equities and convertible bonds on an individual issuer basis, and employs ETF shorting and option hedges.
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Investment Category

Hedge Fund

Investment Strategy

Small Cap Equity

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Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Experience, Education, Differentiated Thinking
Implementation of Strategy
Tactical Approach

Instruments Traded

ETFs, Public Equity, Options, Convertible Bonds

Capitalization Weight

Small Cap
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Limited Parnership


United States

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