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The reinsurance market is undergoing significant dislocation, with risk-adjusted returns up 40%+ since 2016, while offering a low correlation of 0.03 to the S&P 500 since 2005. Tangency Capital invests in the space by creating a portfolio of pro-rata positions with selected reinsurers in the sector: we research the market to identify the most attractive counterparties to create an aligned, globally diversified and capital efficient portfolio, which reduces drawdown risk from individual events. The current portfolio offers a no-loss/median return of 20.9%/13.5% at an Omega Ratio of 631.
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Hedge Fund

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Efficient Access to the Re-Insurance Market

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Our portfolio companies can offer non-recourse leverage in the Re-Insurance market, thereby offering efficient access to better risk-adjusted returns.

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Finding Mispricings, Deal Sourcing Network
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Insurance Linked Security

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Re-Insurance Investments, Quota Share Transactions

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