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The Enhanced Income Strategy (EIS) is designed to address today’s low interest rate environment by using modest leverage to enhance Corporate Bond portfolio returns. EIS works well as a stand-alone income product or as a supplement to a diversified portfolio by improving returns with lower volatility than equities. This investment grade strategy is managed opportunistically by buying discounted cash flows and focusing primarily on income generation, with a secondary goal of capital appreciation. Risk is managed by targeting intermediate term bonds which are well diversified in the portfolio by both company and sector.
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Hedge Fund

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Fund, Managed Account


Our Performance Goal
Hold investment grade fixed income until maturity, Use leverage to borrow short-term and invest in long-term rates

Investment Opportunity

What We Believe
Investors may enhance investment returns by capturing the difference between lower short term and higher long term interest rates

Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Experience, Valuation Expertise
Implementation of Strategy
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Fixed Income

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Fixed Income, Preferred Equity, Mort. Backed Securities

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ACA Compliance Group (ACA)