BBV Founder Spotlight: Tara DeBoer — BioAmp Diagnostics

March 4, 2021

posted by Blue Bear Ventures Fund II
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Tell us about your company. What defines your innovation?

BioAmp Diagnostics is a mission-driven diagnostics company, working to be a part of the changing landscape of health care by providing simple and scalable diagnostic solutions that can direct care in real-time — in hospitals, at clinics, or in a patient’s home. BioAmp is first working to develop rapid diagnostic tests to counteract antibiotic resistance and empower physicians with the information they need to treat patients with the right antibiotic the first time. The current diagnostic standard applied to diagnose, and direct care of all suspected bacterial infections (such as bloodstream or urinary tract infections) is traditional microbiology, which takes days to yield results because it is reliant on the growth of bacteria. BioAmp leverages a low-tech diagnostic assay known as DETECT that was designed to reveal the presence of key antibiotic resistance markers to define appropriate treatment, circumventing the need for bacterial growth.

Where did your company’s name come from?

BioAmp’s core technology is based on a signal amplification strategy known as DETECT: dual-enzyme trigger-enabled cascade technology. DETECT amplifies the presence of low abundant biomarkers. Hence “Bio” corresponds to biomarkers that DETECT can be applied to “Amp” amplify the signal of — BioAmp.

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