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Bitcoin: The Case For Institutional Adoption

March 2021

posted by Castle Magnus Bitcoin Fund LP
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Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest and most well-known digital currency in the marketplace today with a global market cap exceeding $900 billion.

We believe that increasing global government debt burdens and massive central bank money printing are two of the greatest sources of risk for investors. In a world with negative real interest rates and historically high equity valuations, traditional stock/bond asset allocations seem unlikely to produce sufficient investment returns on a nominal basis. Combined with relentless currency debasement to support government spending programs, these returns will be even smaller on a real basis. Cash held in fiat currencies will depreciate over time as inflation increases.

Bitcoin provides an opportunity to generate substantial returns, as it is embraced by investors as a store of value, while also serving as a hedge against aggressive central bank interventions. In this analysis, we will discuss the potential advantages of investing in Bitcoin and illustrate how Castle Funds can serve as your partner in Bitcoin investing.