Lionschain Capital - Meaningful Product Development In The Crypto Landscape

May 2019

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Lionschain Capital - Meaningful Product Development in the Crypto Landscape

The recent price action in the crypto market has left many open mouthed and in disbelief.

If you have not been living and breathing this space daily, for the past two years you may have only been aware of one narrative: Bitcoin bubbled to $20k, and then died when the hype flamed out. A crypto winter covered the entire space in a thick coat of white snow, inspiring a mass exodus as many self proclaimed “in it for the tech not the money” vanished in the night.

Looking back, 2017 will be remembered as the year everyone and everything raised money. Blockchain became a mystical word that if you whispered three times in front of a mirror, a magical pot of digital gold appeared in front of you.

Since late 2017, many crypto projects faded away as fast as they ICO’d. Many of my colleagues who became “blockchain professionals” moved on to greener pastures. Those of us who remained huddled together to keep warm as the crypto-winter grew longer and colder, without an end in sight.

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