Lionschain Capital - Why Crypto Has Likely Bottomed?

May 2019

posted by Lionschain Capital
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Lionschain Capital - Why Crypto Has Likely Bottomed

At Lionschain Capital, we employ qualitative and quantitative analyses to assess both the market and specific projects. We also keep a keen eye on the news flow and look for disconnects between meaningful developments and the market’s reaction.

We have previously outlined why crypto is interesting, and what the potential end games for this market look like. But even if the upside scenarios play out, the path to realizing the potential won’t occur in a straight shot. So how does one know when to start allocating and getting exposure?

Despite the exhaustive selling that pervaded 2018, beneath the surface foundations were laid for the industry to take a leap forward. Our view is that the start of 2019 is not a fluke or a bear market bounce, but is actually the beginning of the next stage of growth. Below we will review some of the key developments that have occurred over the last 12–18 months which strengthened the fundamentals of the crypto market, and which pave the way for the next market expansion (which we believe has very likely already begun).

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