Digital Gold Podcast With JP Baric - How Are Insurance Markets Responding To Crypto Assets?

December 2020

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Thomas Shewchuck grew up learning from his parents as they tirelessly grew Shewchuck Insurance into the successful and ‘client-centric’ business it is today. After earning his degree in business marketing from the University of Dayton, he tested the insurance waters as an insurance broker where he found his professional passion. Now Thomas is combing his love for insurance and crypto by helping miners by providing insurance for their hardware and helping high-net-worth families and individuals strategically protect their digital assets.

Our conversation begins by diving into what Thomas focuses on within the insurance and the digital asset space. We then go into discussing how Thomas and his family's company analyzes the risk of insuring cryptocurrency miners, insurance products he is excited about within the digital asset space, and how he sees Blockchain technology improving data verification for insurance purposes. Next, we take a look at how the traditional insurance markets view digital assets, how they were affected by COVID-19. Finally, we finish up by talking about the growth of cryptocurrency mining and the real opportunity for insurance companies to impact the space.

I really enjoyed this conversation with a true insurance pioneer and expert and hope you will too.

To listen to the podcast click here.