Investment Overview

Strategy Description

The primary investment objective of the Partnership is to generate income and achieve long-term capital appreciation. The Partnership’s primary strategy is to invest in publicly traded homebuilder and housing related fixed income securities that pay an above average yield, and ideally trade at a discount to par value. The Partnership will generally hold them to maturity or when the debt is retired early, whatever comes first. The Partnership will also invest in preferred equity, equities that pay a high dividend yield and income generating option strategies.
Investment Highlights

Investment Category

Hedge Fund

Investment Strategy

Long/Short Equity

Investment Structure



Our Performance Goal

Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Finding Mispricings, Info. Inefficiencies, Valuation Expertise, Proprietary Database
Implementation of Strategy
Tactical Approach

Market Sector Exposure

Equities, Real Estate, Home Builders, Bonds, Preferred Stocks
Investment Structure

Legal Structure

Limited Parnership


United States

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Tower Fund Services


Richey May & Co


Riveles Wahab LLP

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