Investment Overview

Strategy Description

McFarlin Opportunistic Senior Living Fund I, LP (the “Partnership” or the “Fund”) is formed to acquire non-performing loans and value-add acquisitions of senior living properties across the U.S. Leveraging over 50 years of collective senior living management experience, the team specializes in identifying and acquiring distressed assets in a market segment that is experiencing temporary disruption from supply-demand imbalance. The Sponsor will look to create value through acquisition of value-add assets, buying loans at a discount to Par value, and by implementing capital improvement plans, creating operational efficiencies, and improving operations. The portfolio is expected to benefit significantly from an aggregation premium upon sale.
Investment Highlights

Investment Category

Real Estate

Investment Strategy

Distressed Senior Living

Investment Structure



Our Performance Goal
Target Equity Multiple of 2.0X +

Investment Opportunity

What We Believe
Value can be created by buying distressed senior living centers across the country. COVID-19 cause dislocations in the industry creating opportunity.

Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Experience, Valuation Expertise, Analytics
Implementation of Strategy
Tactical Approach

Market Sector Exposure

Real Estate

Geographical Exposure

United States

Risk Management

Investment Structure

Legal Structure

Limited Parnership


United States

Fund Minimum Investment

Service Providers


Blue River Partners