Investment Overview

Strategy Description

SureFire Multi-Strat, LP (the “Fund”) is a multi-manager fund investing in separately managed accounts. (NOT a fund-of-funds). Our traders actively trade using unique, highly specialized strategies across a variety of asset classes. The Fund targets consistent risk-adjusted outperformance, low volatility, and diversification by combining multiple non-correlated, niche trading strategies. Trading strategies may include hedged short-term directional (both long and short), pair trading, market-neutral, tactical, opportunistic and others. The Fund will only allocate its capital to investment managers (the “Underlying Managers”) through separately managed accounts in order to enhance control, visibility and flexibility.
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Investment Category

Hedge Fund

Investment Strategy

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Our Performance Goal
Uncorrelated Returns, Low Correlation to Broad Market, Sharpe Ratio > 1.5, Diversification across multiple managers, Profit in rising, falling and flat markets

Investment Opportunity

What We Believe
Active trading in niche, uncorrelated strategies with demonstrated outperformance across multiple market conditions will continue to outperform.

Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Research, Quality External Managers, Repeatable Process, Active Trading Strategies, Uncorrelated Strategies
Implementation of Strategy
Tactical Approach

Risk Management

Diversification, Active management, Due Diligence Process
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Legal Structure

Limited Partnership


United States

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Service Providers


Opus Fund Services


Richey May & Co


Ulmer & Berne LLP