Cosimo X - Investing In Top-Tier Blockchain Start-Up Companies And Their Founders

September 2020

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Cosimo X - Investing in Top-Tier Blockchain Start-Up Companies and Their Founders

COSIMO Ventures is an emerging venture capital investment firm dedicated to delivering superior returns by investing in top-tier blockchain and deep technology start-up Companies and their Founders. COSIMO Ventures recently launched its tokenized venture fund COSIMO X to focus on this emerging market.

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Why is COSIMO excited about the opportunity in Blockchain?

At COSIMO Ventures we believe that blockchain represents the next frontier in venture investing. The Internet and mobile has completely changed our world, and we think blockchain adoption mirrors that of the Internet in the 1990s and mobile in 2008.

If an investor had constructed a portfolio of the best names in venture of the Internet era, it would have backed the emerging funds of SequoiaBenchmark or Kleiner Perkins. Some of the best performing funds in the history of Venture Capital.

Similar to the way specialize fund managers emerged in the 90’s to capitalize on the Internet era, today we have assembled a team of specialized entrepreneurs and investors to focus on this rapidly growing market…