Investment Overview

Strategy Description

COSIMO X is a venture capital fund that invests in opportunities in emerging, next-generation technologies. Our fund is built on two equally important ideas. First we identify those companies best positioned to exploit opportunities in the emerging third wave of internet-era disruption. The second is to make the fund available using the same blockchain technologies that underpin this third wave of disruption.
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Investment Strategy

Venture Capital, Blockchain Equities, Private Investments

Investment Structure

Tokenized Venture Capital

Investment Opportunity

What We Believe
We believe, blockchain adoption mirrors that of the Internet in the early ’90s or mobile in ’08. Blockchain use cases are showing great traction.

Return Driver - Alpha

Our Edge
Deal Sourcing Network, Differentiated Thinking, Valuation Expertise, Technical Knowledge
Implementation of Strategy
Tactical Approach

Market Sector Exposure

Cryptocurrency Market, Venture Capital

Instruments Traded

Cryptocurrencies, Venture Capital

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Tokenized Fund Structure


United States

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Standish Management


Choate Hall & Stewart LLP