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The Largest Value Creation Event Since the Internet Itself

I have written before on Internet 3.0 and what I call the trust crisis, and many of you have asked me to dive in deeper on the what we believe are the best areas for investment. While Investors have had an amazing run over the last three years, with cryptocurrencies having shown dramatic growth, I want to emphasize that the industry is still in its early days, and the market is volatile and unpredictable with massive fluctuations.

COSIMO X, our tokenized venture fund is focused delivering superior returns by making equity investments in early stage companies that are focused on this new “decentralized trust” economy. With so many investment options in today’s global economy, we felt it to be of critical importance to establish a framework that organizes these opportunities and better informs our decision making.

We call this framework our Decentralized Trust Market Structure, and it has been incredibly useful to Team COSIMO.

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