Podcast - RCM Alternatives - The Mysteries And Makings Of Machine Learning With Dr. Ernie Chan Of QTS Capital

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Does all this Machine Learning stuff really work? If it’s so good, why aren’t AI powered hedge funds printing money? And what is the difference between AI, machine learning, deep learning, machine trading, and more. Today’s guest is one that’s been at the center of the AI/MT/ML universe for over four decades. Ernie Chan runs a machine learning hedge fund at QTS Capital management, has authored 3 books – with the 4th on the way - and is the creator of Ernie is joining us on The Derivative to talk about machine learning, decision trees, factors, and more factors, Niagara-on-the-Falls, bells & whistles becoming commonplace, Tim Hortons, the basics of machine learning, Les Miserable, ensemble approaches (diversification), classification vs regression, random forest techniques, the merging of AI and Machine Learning,, supervised vs unsupervised learning, Harry Potter (instead of Star Wars), and the effects of machine learning on the market.

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