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AlphaMaven Listings offer high-calibre Investment Managers access to a global network of qualified investors looking for private investment opportunities. Approved Investment Managers can showcase their investment opportunities by easily posting content such as presentations, newsletters, awards, commentary and more. Featured posts are highly visible throughout the AlphaMaven website, news-feeds, newsletter (170,000 subscribers) and posted to Listed Profiles. Get Listed and access the AlphaMaven Private Investor Network:

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Get Listed: Showcase Your Investment Opportunity

AlphaMaven is a comprehensive solution for Investment Managers to showcase their investment opportunities. Easily post content and attract qualified potential investors!

  • Showcase presentations, newsletters, awards, commentary, videos and more
  • Add an AlphaMaven Produced Video PitchBook
  • Add content, increase search rank and attract investors
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AlphaMaven offers the industry's most comprehensive profiles. Listed members can add news, market commentary, presentations, awards, tear-sheets, videos and much more to showcase their profiles!

Get Listed: Compliance Friendly

Investment managers can limit the visibility of posted content by investor suitability level (i.e. accredited, QEP, QP and more). Further, teams with compliance officers can have team members create posts and leave the posts unpublished until reviewed by compliance. Once compliance approves, the post can be published with the click of a button by any team member.

  • Restrict Content Visibility by Investor Suitability Levels
  • Teams can create unpublished content for Compliance Review & Publishing
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Cost Efficient: Listing fees only $99/month per Listing

AlphaMaven is the most comprehensive and cost efficient solution in the industry!

Get Listed: Highly Discoverable

AlphaMaven allows Investment Managers to build highly discoverable profiles while still protecting content by investor suitability. As managers make posts, titles and brief descriptions are visible to general audiences while content details require the proper connection level set by the manager.

Making titles and brief descriptions available to general audiences allows for profiles to be indexed and to become highly discoverable by AlphaMaven, Google and other search engines. In most cases, Investment Profiles receive top of first page Google ranking within a few weeks when searching by investment or company name.

  • Listed Profiles are Highly Discoverable while Protecting Content Details
  • Content Titles Visible to AlphaMaven and other search engines
  • As more content is posted, Investment Profiles become increasingly discoverable by search engines
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Get Listed: Control Access

Investment Managers can limit access to documents and all posted content by connection level! Sensitive documents can easily be protected. Protected documents allow managers to post even the post sensitive due diligence documents without having to worry about unwanted access.

  • Protect Document and Content Access by Connection Level
  • Ideal for Sensitive Due Diligence or Marketing Docs
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Get Listed: Third-Party Validation

Utilize your AlphaMaven Listing as a source of third-party validation of your investment opportunity. Listed investment opportunities are thoroughly reviewed for quality control not only by AlphaMaven but also by network members on ongoing basis. Third-party validation can help investors gain confidence in investment opportunities and potentially expedite allocations.

  • Listed Means Third-Party Party Validation of Your Investment Opportunity
  • Increase Investor Confidence with AlphaMaven Listings
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Cost Efficient: Listing fees only $99/month per Listing

AlphaMaven is the most comprehensive and cost efficient solution in the industry!

Get Listed: Easy Updates - Auto Post

Listed Investment Managers can instantly update their own profiles online. Also, if they prefer, Investment Managers can send AlphaMaven content such as marketing materials, documents, videos, commentary, etc. and AlphaMaven will update your profile for you. Add AlphaMaven to your marketing distribution email list for "Set it and Forget it Updates"! It's that Easy!

  • Instantly Edit Online Profiles
  • Send AlphaMaven Content for Auto-Updates
  • Add AlphaMaven to your Marketing Distribution List for "Set it and Forget it Updates"
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Get Listed: Video PitchBook

Included with Investment Listings is an AlphaMaven produced Video PitchBook. Investment Managers can record a simple 10 minute pitch (on their iPhone or equivalent) and AlphaMaven does the rest. Investment Managers don't have to worry about studio quality video. AlphaMaven will edit and sync with your PowerPoint. The focus of the video is the animated PowerPoint and the Investment Manager is simply a "Talking Head" thumbnail image narrating the presentation. AlphaMaven makes it extremely easy for Investment Managers to have a professional quality Video PitchBook!

  • Getting Listed Includes a Professional Custom Video PitchBook Produced by AlphaMaven
  • No Stress Simple Process for Investment Managers
  • AlphaMaven Hosts and Streams Video PitchBooks to It's Qualified Investor Network
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Sample Video PitchBook

Get Listed: Earn Follows

AlphaMaven network members can "Follow" your Listed Investment Opportunity and receive instant content updates streaming to their content feeds. As Investment Listings earn "Followers", they greatly improve their credibility and search rank in the network.

  • Instantly Update your Followers with Posted Content
  • Followers Improve Network Credibility
  • Followers Improve Search Rank and Visibility
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Get Listed: In Application Messaging

Easily communicate with potential investors with in-application group messaging. Network members can message your Listing and your entire team will receive the message and can respond. Listing administrators can create teams with a few simple button clicks.

  • Easy Integrated Investor Communications
  • Team Friendly Group Messaging
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Cost Efficient: Listing fees only $99/month per Listing

AlphaMaven is the most comprehensive and cost efficient solution in the industry!

Listing Spotlight: Featured Posts

Increase the visibility of your Listing by promoting your posted content utilizing Featured Posts. Your Featured Posts will be prominently displayed in high traffic areas throughout the AlphaMaven website. Your Featured Posts will also be added to our daily newsletter that is sent to over 140K people per week

  • Promote Your Posted Content & Listing
  • Increased Visibility Throughout AlphaMaven Website
  • Posts visible on AlphaMaven Newsletter (sent to 140K people per week)
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Listing Spotlight: Matchmaking

Based on your specific criteria and qualifications, we facilitate manager-investor connections and meetings. We utilize our professional network and our proprietary technology that relies on advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to generate high calibre introductions.

  • Manager-Investor Connections & Meetings
  • Utilize Our Vast and Expanding Professional Network
  • Refine Matches with Data Science/Artificial Intelligence
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Cost Efficient: Listing fees only $99/month per Listing

AlphaMaven is the most comprehensive and cost efficient solution in the industry!