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Listed Private Investments

AlphaMaven Listings offer high-calibre Investment Managers access to a global network of qualified investors looking for private investment opportunities. Approved Investment Managers can showcase their investment opportunities by easily posting content such as presentations, newsletters, awards, commentary and more.

  • Access to a Global Network of Qualified Investors
  • Showcase Investment Opportunities
  • Highly Visible Featured Posts
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Sample Video PitchBook

Get Listed: Video PitchBook

Included with Investment Listings is an AlphaMaven produced Video PitchBook. Investment Managers can record a simple 10 minute pitch (on their iPhone or equivalent) and AlphaMaven does the rest. Investment Managers don't have to worry about studio quality video. AlphaMaven will edit and sync with your PowerPoint. The focus of the video is the animated PowerPoint and the Investment Manager is simply a "Talking Head" thumbnail image narrating the presentation. AlphaMaven makes it extremely easy for Investment Managers to have a professional quality Video PitchBook!

  • Investment Listings Include a Professional Custom Video PitchBook Produced by AlphaMaven
  • No Stress Simple Process for Investment Managers
  • AlphaMaven Hosts and Streams Video PitchBooks to It's Qualified Investor Network
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Post Industry Content

Easily post your industry news, videos, announcements, presentations, awards, research, press, market commentaries, webinars podcasts and more! Your posts are visible throughout the AlphaMaven website and sent directly to your followers.

  • Access to a Global Network of Qualified Investors
  • Showcase Your Industry Content
  • Engage Relevant Audiences
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Investor Matchmaking

Based on your specific criteria and qualifications, we facilitate manager-investor connections and meetings. We utilize our professional network and our proprietary technology that relies on advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to generate high calibre introductions.

  • Manager-Investor Connections & Meetings
  • Utilize Our Vast and Expanding Professional Network
  • Refine Matches with Data Science/Artificial Intelligence
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Sponsorship & Advertising

With over 1.5 million page views and 50,000 plus visitors per month, AlphaMaven offers tremendous Sponsorship & Advertising opportunities. Sponsors & Advertisers can access highly targeted relevant audiences at a fraction of the cost of other industry solutions.

  • 1.5+ million page views & 50,000+ visitors per month
  • Highly Targeted & Engaged Audience
  • Cost Efficient Providing Tremendous ROI
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